Our Passions


We endeavor to build a dynamic church through building dynamic families. Children, youth, and the institution of marriage are priority in everything we do. We honor seniors and value their continued contribution and ministry.


We strive for excellence in life, work, and ministry. Excellence honors God and inspires greatness. We pay close attention to detail at all levels to offer Christ our best work. We believe in empowering people to grow personally – that God has called each believer to a life of spiritual maturity; therefore, we are committed to providing opportunities for equipping and training members to become mature Disciples of Christ.

Covenant Relationships

We believe that man is designed to be connected relationally with others; therefore, we promote strong and genuine interpersonal relationships within the corporate body and individual families.

Growth & Change

We are committed to personal and corporate growth – spiritual, mental, emotional, and relational development. We are innovative and relevant in our approach to life and ministry and strive to preserve the message of Christ while continually adapting our methods for ministry to the culture around us.


We are committed to integrity at all levels, in all relationships, and in every area of ministry. We operate in the wisdom of God, value authenticity and promote honesty, biblical morality, and humility above all.


We are a body of available, faithful, committed, and trustworthy managers of God’s resources. Knowing that we are formed for contribution, we honor God with biblical principles of stewardship and seek to be a blessing to those around us. We have an established a pattern of giving and a reputation for being generous.


We are committed to health in every area of life – physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and relationally. Created in the image of God, we pursue health as a vital component of a Christ-like witness and strive for balance in every aspect of life. We acknowledge our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit and offer our whole selves to God as living sacrifices.

Servant Leadership

We are created to serve God by serving others. Therefore, we discover, develop, and deploy our gifts, talents, and abilities for use in the service of God’s kingdom. We model the example of Jesus in living and leading as an act of service and believe that being actively used by God to help others is our highest privilege and greatest opportunity.