Small Group Mini Session Starts on October 4th!

Group Listing to Come!

Life Lessons From Women In The Bible

Mondays | 6:30p | TCN Hospitality Suite

Hosts: Kim Buxie and Allysa Gantt

Description: (Women 16+)

This study explores the lives of women in the bible, and challenges women today to apply what they learn. Focus on women in various ages and stages of life and dive into the culture, families, and testimonies of these women. Learn from both their wisdom and mistakes, as we learn and grow together.

Self-Study Bible Course

Tuesdays |6p|TCB Cafe

Hosts: Tiny and Amanda Jones

Description: Everyone is invited!

If you have questions about God and the Bible, this accessible guide will help you develop a fundamental understanding of Scripture.

You will find answers to many spiritual questions and even those who have never read the Bible will find this study guide easy to use and beneficial. This guide will lead you to Christlikeness and enable you to develop an intimacy with God you may never have known before.

Prayer Night

Wednesdays | 7pm | Triumph Church 

Host: Wendy Pierce

Description: Everyone is invited!

Do you believe in a God of Miracles, Signs, and Manifestations!? What about Demonstrations, Restorations, and Revival!? Well, we are witnessing it firsthand in our prayer group and we are also bonding closer together through our prayer and fellowship! In this group we are building great relationships with each other that will last a lifetime. Prayer warriors, men and women alike, are invited!

Get Out of Your Head

Wednesdays | 6:00 pm | Triumph Church Cafe

Host: Dalila Ridley

Description: Everyone is invited!

Our thought life is a constant battle, so come join us as we dive into the book “Get out of your head” by Jeannie Allen. In this book Jeannie inspires and equips us to transform our emotions, our outlook, and even our circumstances by taking control of our thoughts. Our enemy is determined to get in our heads to make us feel helpless, overwhelmed, and incapable of making a difference for the kingdom of God. Let’s work together to be more than conquerors through Jesus Christ and take every thought captive! 

True Leaders Serve!

Wednesdays | 6:45 pm | The Davis Home

Host: Geral and Ginny Davis

Description: Everyone is invited!

Jesus is doing something, right here, right now, and everybody can be a part of it.  Jesus inspired, challenged, provoked, comforted, and invited people to be open to God’s work in this world. Wherever he went, whatever he did, Jesus started discussions about what matters most, because for Jesus, God is always inviting us to open our eyes and join in.

Peace in a Plethora of Problems

Wednesdays | 7pm | WNLive-BN Facebook Group

Host: Pastor Randy Clark

Description: Adults 18+

“How to walk in the “peace of God” when your world is upside down.”

Pastor Clark invites you to join him online at a private Facebook Group. Each Wednesday he will share a powerful peace versefrom Scripture and then open it up for comments and discussion from the group. This discussion will build your faith, answer many of your questions, and give you the power and peace to walk through difficult times. Everyone is welcome. 

Be sure to join the WNLive–BN Facebook Group.


Wednesdays | 7pm | FB Live

Host: Pastor Renee

Description: Everyone Is Invited!

Paul  addresses this tension between weakness and prayer!  You have a voice and you have a choice!  These twin qualities were put in you by God who made you! There is FIRE POWERIn your voice!  It’s time to Pray!

Secret Meetings with the Father

Thursdays | 7pm | The Hall Home

Host: Dino and Lisa Hall

Description: Everyone is Invited! 

The Halls invite you to gather in their home where you can worship, pray, study, and discuss the Word together. Everyone is invited as we meet God in the secret place to learn more about how He is our heavenly Father.  “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” Psalms 91: 1

Youth Hangout

Fridays | 7 pm | The Buxie Home

Hosts: Kim and Caleb Buxie

Description: Students 6th-12thgrade 

Calling all Anthem Youth Students! Kim and Caleb want to hang out with you at their house for a good time filled with games, fun, and fellowship! “God is faithful; you were called by him to fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” 1 Corinthians 1:9. This time will be used to get to know you and build relationships with each other and Jesus! 

Discovering Who You Are

Fridays | 7:30pm | Facebook

Hosts: Litisha and Litesha Limbrick

Description: Adults

Who are you? Are you who the world says you are, or who God, the Father, says you are? This group started off as a small group bible study lesson that was hosted in the Limbrick home. Since the pandemic, God has led them to do the bible study over Facebook. This study is based on Discovering ‘Who You Are’ in God! We believe that “In order to know who you are, you must first get to know your creator (GOD)!” Come join us in the never-ending journey of discovering who you are meant to be in the eyes of our creator! Be blessed everyone!

Iron Sharpens Iron

Saturday | Mornings | Breakfast Restaurants

Host: Ronnie Ramirez

Description: Men 18+

Weekly fellowship for the men of God to get together and just do what guys do.  Meeting will be at different breakfast places where we can create relationships and build one another up. Proverbs 27: 17 says “Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens another”, so let us carry out scripture in our daily lives and friendships while having fun doing it!

Couple Goals

Varying Days and Times | Triumph Church 

Hosts: Zach and Katie Winsted

Description: Adult Couples 

Are you married, engaged, or in a relationship? Then this is group for you! Zach and Katie are a young couple who are hosting a group to get to know other couples. This group will give you the opportunity to meet and fellowship with other couples in the church! (Childcare will not be provided.)