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Small Groups Fall 2019
It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way
Host: Pastor Melanie Ramirez
Time/Day: Monday @ 7pm
Location: Triumph BMT Café
Who: Women
Childcare: No
Description: Finding unexpected strength when disappointments leave you shattered. Weekly we will meet to break bread together and walk through our healing over life’s disappointments, big or small.
Self Control – Girls
Host: Pastor Krystal Burns
Time/Day: Monday @ 7pm
Location: Triumph Church Kids Sanctuary
Who: Girls K – 5th
Description: Sometimes kids will be kids! They want to do the right thing but don’t always do it. This study will help with self control! Teaching good fruit/bad fruit, mind control, watch your mouth, using my gifts, the way to obey, etc…Sign your kids up and watch their lives change.
Self Control – Boys
Host: Christopher Ramirez
Day/Time: Monday @ 7pm
Location: Triumph Church BMT
Who: Boys K – 5th
Description: Sometimes kids will be kids! They want to do the right thing but don’t always do it. This study will help with self control! Teaching good fruit/bad fruit, mind control, watch your mouth, using my gifts, the way to obey, etc…Sign your kids up and watch their lives change. 
Communication IQ
Host: Pastors Daren & Angel Hearnsberger
Time/Day: Tuesday @ 7pm
Location: Triumph Church BMT Café
Who: Ages 16 and older
Childcare: No
Description: If you’re life resembles a reality TV show, then this group is just for you. Poor communication is the leading cause of divorce, family dysfunction and workplace breakdowns.The Hearnsberger’s are Certified Communication Consultants with over 25 years of marriage and family experience. Learn how to stop misunderstandings before they blow up; come down from the divorce ledge and save your marriage; talk to your kids and find common ground; and figure out why people act, feel and think the way they do.Imagine having a decent conversation without yelling, overturned tables and holes in the wall.  It could be your new norm.This group is perfect for everyone who is single, dating, engaged or married.  ($55 cost for personal analysis)
Reputation Redemption
Host: Victoria Fontenot
Time/Day: Tuesday @ 6pm
Location: Triumph Church Bmt Anthem Alive Room
Who: Adults 18+
Childcare: No
Description: Let’s gather together and help Redeem this generation of young people! Reputation Redemption focuses on providing creative solutions to some of the biggest issues plaguing this generation: Ailing mental health, Bullying, and Peer violence. Join us in our mission to help our youth become everything they’re meant to be! I look forward to meeting and working with everyone!
Wednesday Night Prayer
Host: Wendy Pierce
Day/Time: Wednesday’s @7pm
Location: Triumph Beaumont Café
Who: Everyone
Child Care: No
Description: Come join us at Small Group Prayer for a time of prayer and building friendships. We are believing God for Miracles! Signs! Wonders! Manifestations! Demonstrations! Restorations! And Revival! Hope to see you there!
Reading, Sharing, and Learning
Host: Dalila Ridley 
Day/Time: Wednesday @ 6pm
Location: Triumph Church Café
Who: Everyone
Childcare: No
Description: A book club – reading through a book and learning what God is teaching us together. Join us as we gone on this journey of learning together.
Purple Book
Host: Harold & Candy Gallien, Hermon & Mary Fontenot
Day/Time: Wednesday @ 6pm
Location: Triumph Church Bmt Anthem Alive Room
Who: Ages 18 and up
Child Care: No
Description: We are excited to meet with you about becoming stronger as a disciple of Christ. We will be going through The Purple Book learning biblical foundations for building strong disciples. Join us and take this journey with us!
Host: Raquita Harper
Day/Time: Thursday @ 6pm
Location: Triumph Church BMT
Child Care: No
Description: Come join us as we enter into the presence of God together. This will be a time of worshipping as well as developing our gifts to sing and lead others into worship. Hope we see you there!
Your Possessions are really on loan from God
Host: Naomi Gibson
Day/Time: Thursday @ 7pm
Location: 7160 Guess Rd
Who: Adults
Childcare: No
Description: How would it change the way you feel about your possessions if you were to start living the truth that everything you “own” is really on loan from God? Join us as we dive deeper into this topic!
Freedom Group
Host: Tiny and Amanda Jones
Time/Day: Thursday @ 6pm
Location: Triumph Church BMT
Who: 16 and up
Child Care: No
Description:  Freedom is a twelve-week small group curriculum that culminates in a 2-day Freedom Weekend experience. The goal of Freedom is to equip you to remove the things that hinder you from a deeper relationship with God so that you walk in the true victory provided through the work of the cross.
Holy Spirit
Host: Pastors Dino & Lisa Hall
Time/Day: Thursday @ 7pm
Location: 5371 Mcdermand Rd, China, Tx 77613
Who: Ages 18 and up
Description: We will be teaching topics on the Holy Spirit and how He benefits your life. It is essential to know and understand who the Holy Spirit is and how you can access Him for yourself. Hope that you will join us!
The Nexus: Bringing Families Together With Christ at the Core
Host: Dike & Chisa Echendu
Time/Day: Friday @ 7pm
Location: 2285 Savannah Trace, Beaumont, Tx 77706
Who: Everyone
Description: We want to spend time building relationships with you and your family! Come be apart of our small group that will involve your entire family and most of all involve God. We hope that you will join us!
Young Adults
Host: Pastor Brandon Burns
Time/Day: Friday @ 6pm
Location: Triumph Church BMT
Who: Ages 18 to 28
Description: Young Adults are a huge part of Triumph Church and we want to build relationships with you! We will have some fun outings, teachings, and relational time so that you feel apart of this great church. Can’t wait to spend time with you!
Let’s Walk It Out
Host: Thea Davis
Time/Day: Saturday @ 9am
Location: First Christian Church walking trail @ 5290 N Caldwood Dr, BMT
Who: Women ages 30 and up
Child Care: No
Description: By the end of the work week, we sometimes allow certain stress factors to rob us of our joy and peace. Sometimes after dealing with this and that and feeling overwhelmed we need to spend time with the Holy Spirit. LET’s WALK IT OUT will give us the opportunity to discuss our concerns and needs with other women as well as pray and talk to God. We will also have group meetings and prayer time with each other. Come WALK WITH US!
Project X & E
Host: Pastor Ronnie Ramirez
Time/Day: Saturday @ various times
Location: Various
Who: Men
Description: Calling all MEN! Project X & E is a small group that will tackle various “X” work projects both around the church facility and other needed areas as well. Also, we didn’t forget about the relational and fun side of things either. We will have “E” entertainment outings to build relationships and just do fun, manly things. Hope you will join!
Men’s Fellowship
Host: John Mitchell
Day/Time: Various
Location: Various
Who: Men
Child Care: No
Description: If you are a man and want other Godly men to build relationships with, then this is your group. We will gather together to eat, play golf, bowl, grow and learn together. Hope you can join us!
City Groups (youth)
Host: Jesse Hardy and Stevie West
Day/Time: Various
Location: Various
Who: Students 6th-12thgrade
Description: If you are a student then you don’t want to miss out on this. We will be hanging out at difference venues ranging from restaurants, movies, bowling, urban air, and much more. This is a great opportunity to build relationships with other students in our church as well as invite your friends. Hope you will come hang with us.